GME Services

Our Expertise

Through our staff and our working relationships, GME has extensive experience supporting the delivery of projects and professional services varying in size and complexity throughout Vermont and New Hampshire, including private and municipal planning, engineering and project management, local development siting, analysis and permitting, compliance review and construction phase services.

Feasibility Studies and Preliminary Engineering Services

GME specializes in evaluating systems for compliance and improvement needs, identifying and prioritizing capital improvements, and developing and implementing upgrades.  These services also may include researching possible funding sources, and assistance with funding scenarios.

Final Design and Project Management Services

For projects ranging in size from single-family residences up to multimillion-dollar municipal facilities.

Permit Application Preparation and Submittal Services

The level of GME's involvement will vary according to your requirements. We are familiar with the state agencies that will be reviewing the various aspects of your project and have a good working relationship with them. 

We have demonstrated our initiative in exploring new technologies, our ability to see them through detailed permit review processes and ultimately, through construction and start-up services.

Environmental Review and Assessment Services

GME has experience in preparation and analysis of environmental documentation.  GME has established a reputation for fairness for both our clients and all third parties involved.


Construction Phase Services

GME has extensive hands-on, field experience in this area.  From working with homeowners on well or wastewater projects to municipal water or sewage treatment, we have established a reputation for ensuring quality project construction and being thorough but fair in protecting the interests of our clients.